In which corner of my house should the kitchen go?

The two better known approaches to feng shui, the compass and form school, each have their benefits; however, a blind use of either without taking into consideration many other factors, can result in a dogmatic approach to solving simple problems.

Here’s a brief excerpt from a recent lecture I gave in New York that illustrates an example of how using compass feng shui┬ámay not always be the best approach.


  • Interesting about the geography and it seems it’s all about what school you study and follow. As we live in the US, we are not subject to the winds of the desert. Still we do have to take in consideration geography and culture. But, in terms of the kitchen, I cannot see what would be a geographical or cultural consideration for the kitchen in the US. I come from the San He/San Yuan schools.

    We would say the Northwest is not the appropriate place for a kitchen. We call it “Fire at Heaven’s Gate.” This is based on the NW being the location of the Qian Gua or the Heaven hexagram from the Yi Jing. It hosts the element of Yang Metal. The strong Fire elements in the kitchen conflict with the yang metal of the NW. Therefore, the elements are not in harmony. What the NW then intends to bring in your life, you will have trouble accessing and will actually suffer from not having.

    If you follow the 8 Mansions or 8 Houses School, there are four generally good and four generally negative sectors, depending on the sitting Gua of the home. Here you would put the kitchen in one of the negative sectors, provided it is not the NW.

    Again, I guess it all depends on what school you follow!

    Patricia Lee July 6th