While change in life is constant, there are times when growth and success are more short-lived.  Every day problems are really challenges for us — opportunities to make a difference as we learn to adjust our perspective. Whether to find our true purpose or work more efficiently with what we have, engaging a mentor is an empowering way to move forward and create an extraordinary future.

William Spear has mentored global CEO’s and cutting-edge designers, seasoned investors and new entrepreneurs. He has counseled architects, authors, college professors, lawyers, artists, housewives, inventors, physicians, athletes and visionaries. A tailor-made collaboration that includes measurable outcomes, achievable goals and specific, focused skill building assures that your own experience will result in an enduring ability to realize your biggest dreams.

Areas of focus in a mentoring program designed specifically for each individual may include, but are not limited to a deeper study of macrobiotic principles and practice, family health, personal relationships, feng shui, career development, visual diagnosis and face reading, vibrational analysis and the energy body, astrological cycles and related studies, business and investment development, spiritual practices, public service and philanthropy. Each person accepted into the program chooses the areas of focus which are of the most interest.

All applicants are carefully considered although only a limited number of students are accepted each quarter so as to assure that those who do participate will receive personal attention and the time needed to truly benefit. If you are interested, please click the “GET IN TOUCH” button below and request an application to the mentoring program.


I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to follow the Mentorship Program and to glean a little of William’s deep individual insight into energy and its manifestation.  The program stimulated my curiosity and broadened my perception of life, ultimately nurturing my own potential in my pursuit of knowledge and of my dreams.  More than change my life in an outward way, it brought me in deeper contact with myself, which is not always comfortable but never ceases to be dynamic.
–  Lennard L, Belgium

– – – – –

During the same year I was starting a Buddhist meditation practice, I was being mentored by William.  I found many of our dialogues to be valuable.  I felt that he knew ME, and I felt comfortable talking to him about what was going on.  My Buddhist practice is powerful, and it pulls at the strings of my life and my ego, and can make me very uncomfortable at times.  In retrospect, having William to talk to about some of that, in addition to my meditation teacher, helped me keep going with the practice that continues to unfold.
–  Susan E, Vermont, USA