Feng Shui – I Ching – 9 Star Ki


Feng Shui – I Ching – 9 Star Ki


Simon Brown (see Macrobiotic section)

Conscious Design Magazine reaches people interested in integrating ancient concepts such as feng shui with cutting-edge research in green design and Baubiologie to create beautiful healing and empowering spaces.

Emerald Feng Shui Institute, founded by Gisela H. Stehr, MA, Arch, graduate of Intuitive Feng Shui®, consultant, teacher and author of Feng Shui For Life: Connecting The Dots. Acknowledging the deep energetic connections between the inner and outer worlds, the teachings at the EFSI aim at unifying all diverse elements at work in the creation of our built environments. Subjects include feng shui, I Ching and 9-Star KI Astrology.

Feng Shui Society of London promotes the highest standards of feng shui practice in the United Kingdom through courses, conferences, a newsletter and accredited consultants.

Golden Gate School of Feng Shui commits to bringing experienced experts of the highest quality from abroad and the US to teach comprehensive feng shui programs emphasizing classical principles, Taoist cosmology and ecological sustainability.

Roger Green – International educator and consultant on classical feng shui, oriental astrological systems, nutrition and sacred geometry.  In addition to travel and on-line programs, Roger conducts regular classes in New York City and Prague. Academy of Sacred Geometry,  Academy of Healing Nutrition.

International Feng Shui Guild promotes the awareness, wisdom and practice of feng shui by serving as a central resource for its members and those interested in this ancient art.

Intuitive Feng Shui®– The art of harmonizing the way people relate to their environments. Intuitive Feng Shui® is the U.S. Registered Service Mark of William Spear.  This site lists Intuitive Feng Shui® consultants certified by William Spear and articles on feng shui. The 33 international graduates of William Spear’s Intuitive Feng Shui® Professional Training Program include these consultants with websites:

Aroon Ajmera –  Nikki AppelboomPamela Campanelli –  Jan Cisek –  Nadiya Day –  Ced JacksonJanice KydKathleen Monroe –  Malca NarrolJoy Naylor –  Regula Plüss – Mark RendellSharon RothmanGisela Stehr –  Alex StarkMark Tinney –  Graham WalkinshawBeverley Wood

Jean Haner – Author of The Wisdom of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face and Your Hidden Symmetry (about 9 Star Ki).  Jean teaches and consults on face reading, feng shui, 9 Star Ki and clearing subtle energies, with an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for you to live true to your own nature.

myhotels – Each British boutique hotel in Bloomsbury, Chelsea and Brighton delicately balances award-winning design, resulting a harmonious synergy between people and place.

New England School of Feng Shui – Founded in 1999 to bring holistic and feng shui studies with respected teachers to the New England area.

Sharon Rothman – The illustrator of Feng Shui Made Easy and a certified Intuitive Feng Shui® consultant, Sharon maintains a private practice in New Jersey from which she also specializes in astrology, Reiki and Energy Healing Modalities and Space Clearing.


Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog – Anthony Publishing Company publishes Carol K. Anthony’s books on the I Ching, and organizes I Ching courses given by long time friends Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog.


Robert Sachs In Nine Star Ki: Feng Shui Astrology for Deepening Self-Knowledge and Enhancing Relationships, Health, and Prosperity Sachs shares practical and useful information along with insights.

Kathleen and Wayne Weber – Networking among friends interested in the 9 Star Ki, feng shui and macrobiotics.