7th Element– Macrobiotic chef services and education with Jeanne Beveridge and Patrick Grosset. Southern California

A Taste of Health – Annual cruise in the Caribbean with leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health hosted by Sandy Pukel and John Belleme.

Academy of Healing Nutrition – Holistic health counseling certificate program with inspiring curriculum of healing techniques and philosophies from Eastern and Western traditions, including macrobiotics offered by Roger Green in New York City and online

The Alchemical Pages – The website of Kaare Bursell, long time friend and Macrobiotic teacher whose passionate perspective on life comes from decades of practical, hands on experience and a deep study of the teachings of Rudolph Steiner and Anthroposophy. Kaare is the author of The End of Medicine — full of great insight and unique ideas.

Amber Waves – Led by Alex Jack, a longtime Macrobiotic writer and teacher, this is a special network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering.

Neal Barnard M.D. – One of America’s leading advocates for health, nutrition, and higher standards in research.  He has an all vegan program and book for diabetes.

Blissful Chef – Christy Morgan is dedicated to making sustainable, plant-based, delicious cuisine that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit through cooking classes and personal chef services.  Formerly Los Angeles based, now in search of the next adventure.

David and Cindy Briscoe – Dear friends who have created Macrobiotics America, a superb on-line and in-person educational resource with many fine articles, recipes and products. Based in Oroville, California, the Briscoes present Macrobiotics from a place of deep integrity, compassion and wisdom.

Simon Brown – Macrobiotic, feng shui and 9 Star Ki consultant, teacher and author, and practitioner of other healing modalities such as shiatsu and EFT.  Based in London, UK.

Casa de Luz – Holistic center and organic, vegan restaurant in Austin, Texas also offering events and exercise classes including many Macrobiotic guest lecturers.

Center for Natural Living – Education through practical application to create One Peaceful World. Through time-tested application of traditional farm practices and food processing methods, the non-profit of Sjon and Elysha Welters in Cabot, Vermont integrates traditional fermented foods proven beneficial over the centuries such as pickles, miso, soy sauce, sourdough bread, amazake, tempeh and other fermented grain and soy foods.  Rhapsody Natural Foods

Cleveland Macrobiotics – Run by long time teacher and practitioner, Francois Roland, this Center offers a wide range of services and classes that focus on cooking and shiatsu massage.

Concord Institute – A wonderful London-based educational center devoted to developing and promoting models of health based on Macrobiotic philosophy as first taught by Georges Ohsawa. Courses at the Institute focus on personal integrity and authentic transformation – all under the watchful and masterful direction of old friend and colleague Greg Johnson.

Sheri DeMaris – is a gifted writer and teacher who focuses on the special needs of all children. She hosts a regular radio program, Tea with Sheri, as well as maintaining an active schedule of teaching and lecturing about Macrobiotic and children. She is based in the Philadelphia area.

East West Centre of Belgium – A gateway to Macrobiotic and other courses and teachers throughout Belgium, described as an “educational organization for natural living and transformation.”

Eden Foods – From the 1960s when natural foods were not available off the farm, Eden is now the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods.  Over 95% of Eden foods are sold in natural food stores, co-ops, and supermarkets via traditional natural and grocery distribution channels. Web site, employee, and wholesale sales make up the remainder.

George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation – The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation is a non-profit, public service organization chartered in 1971 to educate about Macrobiotics, a natural way of living leading to health and happiness, and to make current thinking on Macrobiotics available to all who desire to learn.  Resources, books and the French Meadow Summer Camp for adults and children in Tahoe National Forest, California

Gold Mine Natural Food Company – Sustainable lifestyle products and recipes: organic, Macrobiotic, vegan, raw, kosher and gluten-free. Founded and run by old friend Jean Richardson, one of the early pioneers whose integrity and commitment keep us all healthy.

Virginia Harper – Coaching, Macrobiotic counseling, cooking classes, bodywork, meal delivery, residential study program and internship opportunities. Ginny began Macrobiotics in our home and now specializes in medicinal cooking and digestive diseases as well as related imbalances. She’s based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Health Mode by Rosanna – Discussion group led by impassioned spirit Rosanna Martella and Bruce Paine who offer a newsletter and on-line bookstore.

Holistic Cooking School – Range of courses is offered by thoughtful teacher and counselor Oliver Cowmeadow in Totnes, Devon, UK with the help of Mary Guyon, Marijke and Tine Tomme. The group focuses on Macrobiotic cooking and nutrition to empower people in taking greater control over their health, understanding food as different qualities of chi, ki, or energy.  Dietary consultations, books, articles and recipes.

Ionia – An extraordinary Macrobiotic community based in Alaska, offering volunteer and resident opportunities, lifestyle workshops and a profoundly “off-the-grid” approach to Macrobiotics on 160 acres of spruce forest on the Kenai Peninsula.

Instituto Macrobiotico de Espana – in Valencia, Spain offers comprehensive courses on macrobiotic subjects as well as yoga and food preparation classes, shiatsu treatments, and macrobiotic consultations.  Founded and managed by Patricia Restrepo, she is also the co-founder of the organic Kimpira restaurant.

McKinley Jones – In Lubec, Maine health awareness through optimal food choices, macrobiotic cooking classes, gentle movement, therapeutic bodywork including cancer support, immune system improvement, orthopedic and pain management. Many offerings for the individual and the community at large.

The Kientalerhof – Center for Wellbeing and Creativity was the original site of the International Macrobiotic Institute in Kiental, Switzerland in the beautiful Bernese Oberland. They now offer a wide variety of body-centered therapies including courses in shiastu, cranial-sacral and bioenergetic approaches.

Kimpira – A beautiful Macrobiotic restaurant located in the heart of Valencia, Spain operated by Emilio Espi and colleagues. Worth the trip to Spain just to sit down to a great meal at Kimpira.

Susan Krieger – A long time friend and Shiatsu Master, Susan has been a tireless proponent of Macrobiotics and healthy living from her home and studio in New York City. She is also a licensed acupuncturist.

Kushi Institute – Offers a wealth of information on Macrobiotics, educational programs, articles, recipes, case histories and an online catalog of organic foods, cookware and books in Becket, (western) Massachusetts.  Organizes an annual summer conference in the Northeast US.

Kushi Institute of Europe –  In 1975 Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen started the East West Center in 1975 in Amsterdam which evolved into its current incarnation.  Comprehensive Macrobiotic lifestyle activities and educational programs, weekday lunch service, food staples, books, counseling, bodywork, catering and women’s health.

Gabriele Kushi – Cooking teacher and Macrobiotic counselor, Gabriele directs tKushi’s Kitchen and is the author of Embracing Menopause Naturally. She offers a variety of services, courses and publications from her home in Minneapolis, MN.

Phiya Kushi – The son of Michio and Aveline Kushi, Phiya currently lives in Alaska where he writes extensively about life, Macrobiotics and all things related to community building, personal development, natural healing and current events. His blog is filled with personal insight and unusual commentary.

Yogen Kushi – Dear friend and emerging coconspirator of Macrobiotics 2.0, Yogen is currently based in New York City where he is in the process of rejuvenating the Macrobiotic community there through workshops, potlucks, networking and open dialogues with old and new teachers and students. Yogen has been Macrobiotic his entire life.

Macrobiotic Center of Dallas – Margaret Lawson organized the first Kushi Institute Extension Study Course in Dallas in 1989 and keeps the fires burning with cooking classes, consultations, color therapy and a variety of services.

Macrobiotic Dietary Recommendations – One of the most widely distributed books on Macrobiotics, the MDR was assembled by the Macrobiotic Association of Connecticut, William Spear, Ed Esko, Murray Snyder and Bill Tara from the teachings of Michio and Aveline Kushi. You can download the entire booklet for free here, compliments of Spear and the Kushi Institute and the efforts of Mark Lipsman.

Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida – A well developed and sound group of friends in Central Florida who offer Macrobiotic workshops, guidance, classes, support and even a Hotline!

Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal – Site in English and Portuguese.  Special events, retreats, short and long-term courses in macrobiotics, shiatsu, feng shui, yoga and qigong.  Counseling and products.

Macrobiotics Canada – Educational, counseling and retreat center near in Almonte, Ontario (near Ottawa) that has been serving the needs of clients for over three decades.

Macrobiotics Today – Paper and electronic magazine in print for over 50 years. A wonderful quarterly at the heart of the Macrobiotic community.

Maine Seaweed – Larch Hanson is truly the seaweed man — no one else in town knows as much or is more passionate. A sensitive, small business on the Maine coast that depends solely on hand-harvesting, drying and selling a variety of wonderful, delicious seaweeds.  His Blog is a must read!

Makronova – The wonderful center of old friends Zlatko Pejic and Jardranka Boban and their team who together coordinate a devoted community, operate a beautiful store, superb restaurant and large Macrobiotic center in Zagreb, Croatia. Makronova offers many courses, consultations and products as well as a vast network of support.

Marisa Marinelli – A spirited Italian New Yorker whose efforts to network her generation have gained her huge respect as Macrobiotics 2.0 emerges. Her site is a blog full of great ideas, recipes and personal experiences.

Mayumi Nishimura – Author of recipe books and international personal chef.  Mayumi’s Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul is a “must have”.

Meredith McMarty – Macrobiotic and diet counselor, nutrition and cooking educator, author and a vegan (dairy-free vegetarian) cooking instructor. Near San Francisco.

Tom Monte – Prolific writer, Macrobiotic counselor and educator.  Books and audio materials. Based in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts – One of the only plant-based, professional training chef training programs in the USA training chefs in the theory and practice of meal planning within the disciplines of macrobiotics, vegetarian, vegan, Ayurvedic, raw & living foods.  Austin, Texas

Natural Gourmet Institute – A leader in health-supportive culinary arts and theory in New York City.  Professional chef training programs and public classes.

Natural Lifestyle – Organic foods and living essentials: cookware, books, music, body shop, magazine, newsletter, recipes and Macrobiotic information.

Natural’Mente – A special, small and fabulous Macrobiotic restaurant in Berlin, Germany overseen by long time friend and teacher Hans Schmid who brings his decades of experience and nuance to many happy diners in Germany.

New Macrobiotics – This is the home of the East West Center of Rotterdam, Netherlands, The Natural Cooking School and the International School of Shiatsu in Belgium, run by old friends Jan Vervecken, Mieke Vervecken-Pieters and Coby van Herk. A wonderful, warm and knowledgable group of Macrobiotic teachers who oversee a thriving community.

Pearl Natural Health located in Portland, Oregon is a naturopathic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic run by long time friend and colleague, Ellen Goldsmith, and her husband, Dr. Gary Weiner.

Peninsula Macrobiotic Community – Active group with Monday evening pot luck in Palo Alto, California since 1987.  Lectures and cooking classes, overseen by old friend Kenny Becker with dinners often prepared by former Passage chef Gary Alinder.

Christina Pirello – Good friend and colleague, Christina is the Emmy Award-winning host of the television series Christina Cooks, which airs weekly on over 150 national public television stations nationwide and in 50 foreign countries on Discovery Health and Create TV.  She and husband and teacher Robert also offer trips and vacations to exotic destinations from Caribbean cruises to tours of Tuscany.  Study programs, recipes, information and blog.

Michael Pollan – For 25 years, Michael Pollan has been writing books and articles about the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in the built environment. Michael attended my Macrobiotic lectures in the mid 1980’s in New York and has gone on to become one of the leading proponents for healthy food and an evolved consciousness about American dietary habits.

Jessica Porter – The indisputable Hip Chick, a dear friend whose humor, excitement and overall joy of life is contagious to all who meet her. When not writing, cooking or teaching macrobiotics, Jess is a hypnotherapist (she had me in a trance when I wrote the first sentence) specializing in smoking cessation and HypnoBirthing.  In Santa Monica, CA, Jessica lectures on the spiritual and emotional dimensions of macrobiotic practice.

The Rice House – Joyful macrobiotic teachers, friends and fellow networkers Ginat and Sheldon Rice oversee many Macrobiotic courses and workshops in their home in Jerusalem, Israel. Both have a deep, personal understanding of healing through their many years of practice and study.

Patrick Riley – co-founded the Bucks County Macrobiotic Center in Pennsylvania.  An accomplished Shiatsu practitioner and educator, Patrick teaches at the Strengthening Institute and the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.   As an early advocate of natural health care, he also serves as a counselor and therapist to help individuals restore their natural healing ability through the use of diet and common sense living.

Michael Rossoff L.Ac. – One of my early teachers and a long time friend, acupuncturist, international Macrobiotic educator and counselor who lives in Asheville, North Carolina and travels extensively to teach and lecture with seasoned clarity and a unique, academic style.

David Snieckus – A truly original, seasoned, inspiring and dedicated old friend whose continual evolution and experiences make him among the most unique Macrobiotic teachers in the area. David will ask you questions no one else would think about, providing resources and education no one else will ever duplicate.

Jane and Lino Stanchich – Licensed nutritionists, Macrobiotic counselors, educators and authors, and bodywork therapists, Lino and Jane are the King and Queen of chewing well and laughing your way to health.  These old friends are based in Asheville, North Carolina and travel regionally to offer classes and retreats.

Karin Stephan – 30-year leading Iyengar yoga teacher based in Cambridge, Massachusetts invites you to classes, workshops, retreats, yoga-macrobiotic vacations and her Bed & Breakfast.

Bill Tara – For over forty years, dear friend and colleague Bill Tara has been at the forefront of Macrobiotic education, developing businesses and educational projects, writing and teaching in over 20 countries. His clarity, humor and inspiring approach has led thousands to better understand how to be healthy and happy.

Veggie Place – Virtual library of information about the benefits of a healthy and nutritional vegetarian enhanced diet, and resources relating to the protection of our environment on this earth and the animals that co-exist with humanity. Ocean City, Maryland.

Verne Varona – long-time friend and early Macrobiotic pioneer who counsels and teaches in California and wherever he travels.  Author of thoughtful articles and several books that continue to inspire and raise the bar of dialogue in the community.  Macrobiotics for Dummies and Nature’s Cancer Fighting Foods.

Denny Waxman – A life long friend, teacher and colleague who provides Macrobiotic education through the Strengthening Health Institute, offering general health counseling, many publications and research in the Philadelphia area. Together with his talented wife and cooking teacher Susan, Denny continues to inspire students through his constant dedication to the application of the Macrobiotic dietary approach and its application in healing.

Melanie Waxman -A wonderful Macrobiotic cooking teacher and counselor, the mother of seven gorgeous children and an author and all around passionate spokeswoman for Macrobiotics, Melanie is a tireless spirit who regularly contributes articles, recipes and courses throughout the Macrobiotic network. She is based in Pennsylvania.

Linda Wemhoff – offers DVDs that introduce basic Macrobiotic diet principles, recipes, menu planning and other basics.

Wholesome Goodness – Vegan, Pescetarian, & Macrobiotic Whole Foods, Private Chef Services, Small In-home Catered Events, Cooking Classes, Lifestyle Coaching and Menu Planning — it’s all here if you live in San Diego. Give Michaela Civetta a look — she’s one of the dedicated ones to watch.

Dennis Willmont – Friend and scholar, Dennis is one of the earlier Macrobiotic pioneers. He is a prolific author, publisher, lecturer and practitioner of Chinese medicine using essential oils, acupuncture, natural foods and Chinese herbs while emphasizing Body/Mind/Spirit integration. He is based just south of Boston, Massachusetts.

Bettina Zumdick – With a background in food science, nutrition and dietetics, Bettina integrates Western & Eastern health and healing techniques.  An educator of health and body-mind-spirit subjects, such as meditation, yoga, chanting and visualization, Bettina currently teaches at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts.